Solutions for Real-Time Monitoring and Performance Management of Virtualized Infrastructures and Converged Networks

The ever-growing demand for bandwidth and services to be delivered with greater speed, flexibility and at a lower cost, has led to a revolution in the Telecommunications industry. Providers are moving away from proprietary solutions and embracing open standards and open source to deliver new services faster and support their revenue and growth objectives.

Providers need to continue to deliver carrier-grade solutions, while virtualizing infrastructure and core functions, reshape their network architecture and deploy innovative applications.

DataArt is here to help with these transformations, offering expertise in:

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV); Converged Networks; Virtualization Security; Mobile Application Development; Application & Service Scalability; System Visibility and Monitoring ; Big Data Analytics; Legacy System Migration;


System Visibility and Monitoring

DataArt develops solutions for real-time monitoring and performance management of virtualized infrastructures and converged networks. Taking visibility to the next level, DataArt develops software that links performance metrics to underlying causes and provides analytics to proactively address issues.

Secure Virtualization

As the industry moves forward with numerous virtualization initiatives, several security challenges arise. Systems that were once physically and logically separated may now all be running inside a virtual container with an indeterminate physical location, frequently spread out among several systems within public, private or hybrid data centers. In a virtual environment, if a physical host is compromised, the entire infrastructure is at risk.

Intelligent Auto Scaling Applications

Virtualization and container technologies help mitigate the capital-intensive burden of building your own infrastructure and offer mechanisms for adding more instances, yet they do little to allow the systems to reclaim unused resources. Keeping unnecessary capacity reduces the ROI of virtualized and cloud-based solutions and ties up technical resources for maintenance down the road. DataArt creates solutions that allow intelligent automatic and rapid scaling-up and down of infrastructure and applications.

Big Data Analytics

Providers continue to collect enormous amounts of data about their offerings and how their subscribers utilize them. Unfortunately, there is frequently a high ‘integration’ cost when structured and unstructured data needs to be aggregated and analyzed. DataArt offers expertise in building scalable big data solutions, and works closely with the world’s leading companies and open source communities.

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