Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

DataArt is a trusted technology partner of the leading media and entertainment companies, bringing diverse talent and cross-industry experience to meet the evolving needs of the most demanding business enterprises.

DataArt’s consulting expertise goes beyond finding the best solutions to specific problems. We develop sophisticated approaches to help tackle challenges facing media and entertainment companies in the 21st century. We help our clients integrate technological innovations into their business processes, products and services, creating a meaningful competitive advantage. Our core area of expertise is designing, developing and supporting solutions that help our clients win.

We bring deep industry knowledge, technological expertise, and business competence to the following industries:


Publishing, Licensing & Royalties, Distribution, Touring and Ticketing, Artist Management.

Film & TV

IPTV/OTT, Streaming software, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Analytical Solutions.

Book Publishing

Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing Tools, Omnichannel Distribution, Reporting & Analytics.

Digital Media

Content Management Systems, Multi-Channel Content Delivery, Cross-platform Analytics, Smart Advertising & Retargeting Solutions, Programmatic Bidding.


Professional League and Team Solutions, Player and Team Analytics, Live Broadcast & Streaming, Ticketing, Augmented Reality.

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Our Offerings

DataArt is a reliable technology partner to the leading media and entertainment companies around the world. Our technology expertise and industry experience helps clients align their businesses with evolving technologies, and empowers them to create new delivery platforms that shape impactful customer experiences:

  • Establishing new revenue streams via efficient and innovative technology-driven products, tailored to complement existing client offerings;
  • Integrating Big Data and cloud-computing capabilities into new solutions;
  • Risk mitigation with the help of the vast knowledge accumulated by our core media team;
  • Ensuring security of clients’ data and technology know-how based on our solid track record of uncompromised project delivery;
  • Complete transparency and flexible engagement models to assure certainty in clients’ budget planning.

Content Delivery & Multimedia Streaming

With the emergence of new audio and broadcasting technologies and applications, the long-time battle for the captive consumer audience takes a new turn, bringing even more players to the field of content delivery. DataArt delivers end-to-end multimedia streaming and omni-channel distribution solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Asset and Data Management

The quality and availability of digital assets and corresponding metadata affect all aspects of creative industries, from optimizing their processes to creating brand new business models. DataArt has ample experience building custom master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM), media assets management (MAM) and digital supply chain solutions that are cost-effective, comprehensive, and highly efficient.

Big Data, Social Metrics & Analytics

We live in a data-driven world where the growing amount of information that has become available through the integration of technology into the creative industries cannot be ignored. DataArt offers proven expertise in data analysis, visualization and real-time processing to help our clients achieve critical business goals and to maintain and expand their business offerings.

Innovative & Emerging Technologies

Blockchain, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, chatbots, VR & AR and more. At DataArt we are devoted to innovation. We advice clients on the pros and cons of emerging technologies, best practices, and associated challenges.

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