Green Energy & Clean Technology Software

Green Energy Software Development

Clean tech has become popular as a result of increased energy consumption and environmental concerns related to it. Individual and corporate clients are interested in different power-saving techniques for utilizing renewable energy and conserving power. These include energy saving switches for lights and heating/cooling equipment, solar panels installations, electricity meters, climate sensors, automation controllers and power reading analyzers.

To effectively solve the challenges of the clean tech and other industries DataArt engineers developed DeviceHive, a free open-source cloud-based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication framework, which provides a layer of communication for the queuing and delivering of commands between applications and embedded systems. Its easily customizable API makes it accessible for a wide community of developers and startups.

Users' appliances connected to cloud services can be centrally managed from any location. Based on the changing exterior conditions or usage patterns, smart management systems with global access to consumers' settings provide better energy saving opportunities and more comprehensive statistics and analysis. One step in the right direction is integration with different energy efficiency programs, run by governments who incentive companies and individuals to reduce their energy use.

The DataArt team has become an expert in developing clean energy solutions and home automation systems. The areas of expertise include:

  • Embedded Programming:
    • ARM, AVR, System on Chip
    • Embedded Linux, Android, Windows Embedded, Real Time Operating Systems
    • 1-wire, SPI, I2C, UART, RS-485
  • Wireless Communication:
    • ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6loWPAN, Smart Energy Gateways (SEG)
  • Remote sensors
  • Smart meters
  • Application development:
  • Big Data and Analytics
    • NoSQL and shared nothing architecture for live meter readings
    • Hadoop, R, MapReduce for analytics

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