Financial Software Development

DataArt is a niche custom software development firm solving unique technology challenges of the Financial Services sector.

DataArt is a partner of choice for many of the world's top banks, asset managers, exchanges, and data providers, who share a common need to design, develop and deploy high value technology solutions.

Having served over 100 financial services and capital markets clients, we have a strong appreciation of the role technology plays in this sector and the responsibility that it carries.

The bar is set extremely high for business solutions due to increased regulatory scrutiny, transparency, reporting and risk management; escalating complexity and diversity of financial instruments, tools and standards; higher expectations of performance, scalability, reliability, cost effectiveness; ease of maintenance, and recoverability. 

Our Offering

We help clients meet those increased expectations and raise the bar across the industry by designing and deploying smart custom-tailored technology systems.
The foundation of our excellence lies on the following cornerstones:

  • 1,500 highly educated and experienced analysts and engineers - all permanent employees with an average tenure of seven years;
  • Specialized domain-knowledge training programs for our staff that cover all areas of the financial services and capital markets;
  • Business solutions consultants who help clients identify business challenges and guide them through every stage of design, build and deployment;
  • Proven engineering processes and unique company culture ensuring that clients achieve their business goals on time and on budget;
  • Security and compliance practices mirroring requirements placed on our clients by their investors, management and regulators;
  • Over 100 satisfied clients in the U.S. and Western Europe, with 500+ systems in production;
  • An industry-wide network of clients, advisors and partners providing support, market insight and resources for use by our clients as needed.

Recent Technology Solutions Developed by DataArt’s Financial Services Practice:

  • Credit rating data collection, analysis, editorial and publishing tools for one of the big three agencies;
  • Equity and equity derivatives electronic trade flow monitoring and routing system processing over 100 million transactions a day;
  • Exchange floor broker trade management system;
  • Data warehouse and analytics systems for asset managers;
  • Form PF/AIFMD/FATCA reporting;
  • Online banking platform enabling business and financial institutions to deliver better banking and payment services via web and mobile.

Areas of Expertise and Industry Research:

  • Data Management

    Structured and unstructured data integration, distribution, warehousing, analytics, lineage and self-service, reference data systems, customer management and KYC.

  • Trading UX Re-imagined

    Trading systems that are fast, powerful, portable, compliant and … user friendly.

  • Business Process and Workflow Automation

    Operational efficiency, control, management transparency, audit, compliance and regulatory Integrity.

  • Legacy System Modernization

    TCO optimization, time to market improvement and risk reduction.

  • Digital Banking

    Using the latest of the consumer internet, mobile and wearable devices and digital currencies to re-define banking.

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