Financial Software Development

DataArt is a niche custom software development firm solving unique technology challenges of the Financial Services sector.

Business Knowledge

Our most critical asset, our engineers, both on-site and offshore, speak the language of finance. They understand the data, workflows, compliance requirements, and math behind securities valuations, risk and trading. Most importantly, they have experience delivering software used daily by portfolio managers, traders and risk analysts around the globe.

The DataArt Difference

Other vendors claim industry expertise by maintaining New York or London-based Business Analysts who can talk the talk but not walk the walk: business requirements are translated to generic and remote technology teams, while the analyst moves on to the next pursuit. The result: a slow, error-prone path.

In contrast, our teams have a deep knowledge, honed through years of focused experience in the Financial Services Sector. No other onsite/offshore firm has a comparable level of Financial Services expertise.

  • In-house proprietary training system
    Sophisticated, structured learning program combining market theory with hands-on "virtual development" practice
  • Low turnover
    Company-wide turnover less than 7%, even lower for personnel involved in Financial Services projects
  • Respect for client's confidential information
    Sensitive information and software code never shared between projects

World Class Talent

In the world of financial technology, only the smartest, fastest-learning, and most efficient teams find work and only exceptional ones succeed. For over ten years, we've focused on hiring and training the best talent for DataArt. Every vendor knows that building and keeping a world-class team requires sacrifices in short-term profits; only a few make that choice. As a result, clients confirm that our teams are consistently stronger than any other vendor they have worked with in the past.


Our Software Development Centers based in Russia and Ukraine, offer easier flight logistics, smaller time zone differences, and a better skill set match for the U.S. and European-based financial organizations. The educational background, the typical skillsets and keen interest in technology innovations of Eastern European engineers are better suited for analytical, data-intensive tasks found in finance.

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