Client Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal

A combination of personalised service, industry knowledge, exceptional technical expertise & design now-how, is what makes DataArt the perfect partner. High on commitment and integrity.

Johann Ilgenfritz, CEO & Founder
UK Health Radio

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the DataArt team working with us. I’ve engaged a lot of technology providers over the years all over the world and built my own teams in India. I am more pleased by the team we are working with today at DataArt than any other team I’ve worked with in the past (including my own in India).

Scott B. Suhy, CEO

With DataArt's help and expertise, we are regularly releasing updates to our online and mobile services in order to further assist patients in finding the most suitable healthcare provider near them. Our technology enables users to book an appointment across many platforms, whether it is on a practice's website, partner website, or via a patient’s smartphone in less than 60 seconds.

James Balmain, CEO of Zesty

DataArt was the ideal technology partner to help bring the OpsCheck concept to life, from core product development to client implementation and support. Their intimate knowledge of investment management development, security, web site arrangement and technology priorities unique to this industry, helped us quickly build a secure and value-add application to meet the specific needs of our most discerning hedge fund clients.

Frank Caccio, founder of FJC Partners, LLC (OpsCheck)

DataArt and DeviceHive are essential parts of’s data service exchange™ for connected device platforms which is a game changer for companies accelerating time to market of IoT/M2M solutions.

Tom Gilley, CTO and Founder

We’ve been truly relying on DataArt for building the core of our financial services applications and creating UI. Each time, dependability of the development teams and reliability of the results have been excellent.

Justin Surman, CTO at Banking Up

DataArt was the ideal partner for this project given its strong experience in building financial applications and platforms for trading,” said Piers Curran, Director at Fintratech. “Through this partnership, DataArt enabled us to bring to market a more modern and cutting edge financial training system that is teaching future financiers how to conduct flawless transactions in a myriad of trading scenarios.

Piers Curran, Director at Fintratech

Our aim when we began working with DataArt was to make using the Skyscanner white label product as easy and as simple as possible for customers. Skyscanner’s intuitive flight content offers a simple, unbiased way to search, compare and book flights all over the world; but bringing that to users on other sites needed to be improved. Thanks to our partnership with DataArt we’ve been able to achieve this goal and Skyscanner is powering travel search sites all over the world.

Filip Filipov, Head of B2B

DataArt constantly impresses us. They embrace the latest technologies with skill and enthusiasm and are proactive in providing service that is consistent with their customers’ market and business vision.

Edvard Khondkaryan, Managing Partner

Until now, mobile e-commerce platforms have been rather one sided – built with the merchant in mind, and not the customer. We wanted to create a solution for companies that value their customer loyalty and service more than the pennies they made from the last transaction. DataArt and Keyshare teamed up to respond to this challenge. We share a joint passion for great solutions to real problems.

Colin May, CEO

Right from our initial discovery call with the DataArt team, they helped answer crucial business questions and provided guidance in navigating the complexities of developing in an environment with which our own team was unfamiliar. Their analyst quickly understood our business needs, the required application functionality, and seamlessly worked with us to quickly bring together a solid first version of the SummitLink® Sabre Red App.

Jeff LaFave, CEO

Our growing client base depends on Triometric’s analytics platform for their real-time business insight and strong operational performance is key to our ability to deliver on that. By automating monitoring functions we have strengthened the support we give our customers as they track and filter increasingly vast swathes of data. Working with DataArt as a trusted partner on this project meant we had the external expertise we needed to expedite bringing its benefits to our customers, and leave our internal resource free to focus on the fine tuning of our platform and excellent client servicing.

Matthew Goulden, CEO

In today’s economy with constantly rising cost pressure, the challenge is to deliver high-quality software in an efficient and flexible manner. As a financial services specialist, DataArt provides zeb with the ability to deliver highly-specialist software solutions, with a team that can expand and contract as the needs arise. This ‘elastic IT’ framework is financially beneficial for the end-client and us – but it only works when you have the right partner that integrates with your team effectively and seamlessly. DataArt excels throughout.

Jürgen Hübner, Technical Director

ZAO Maersk thanks DataArt for the consulting services provided to Maersk St. Petersburg in analyzing, optimizing and automation of our business processes.
DataArt's team of business and tech experts has shown outstanding performance while maintaining a high quality of service.
We are looking forward to further cooperation.

Malceva Zoja, Russia Cluster Customer Service Director
Maersk Line

DataArt quickly integrated with our team to conceptualize and design a new product to automate our client requests, which were previously processed manually. DataArt delivered high quality service and excellent user experience for Vine customers. With their assistance, we’ve reduced service time for clients, so that our employees can focus on innovation and fostering client relationships.

Ashley Hopkins, CEO

We were working with a previous agency but DataArt supplied a very competitive quote that enabled us to save a considerable amount of budget that we could then redeploy into consumer marketing activities.

Tim Holt
UK Marketing Manager, Enjoy England

DataArt assists Collette Vacations’ development efforts by extending to our in-house team their skilled resources, bringing technological expertise along with in-depth knowledge of the travel industry. I was surprised by DataArt’s business acumen and thorough knowledge of industry specifics, especially their understating of allotments, something that new developers usually take a few weeks to get a grip of.

Bill Dziura
Executive Vice president of Information Technology
Collette Vacations

DataArt worked as a core partner to allow Bounce to develop a market leading system which enables us to scale our product quickly. We chose DataArt due to the quality of their people and ability for us to scale up a large team fast, to build our product in a timely fashion. The team delivered exceptional quality work from the start and has built high quality software, which is automated and working in the live environment.

Nicko Williamson, CEO

We selected DataArt based on the excellent customer recommendations we received and because of their knowledge and insight into travel industry. They’ve been able to give us recommendations and insights into our overall technology platform, this has helped us tremendously.

Jim Barsch, COO
Vacation Roost

Having been in the software business previously, we were initially weary of using an outsourcing company. DataArt proved to be a refreshing surprise. Their amazing domain knowledge -- even in the latest of technologies -- and ability to stay on track, time, and budget has been a critical part to our success. No one is treated as "just a client." In that respect, DataArt's people truly became part of our team. We couldn't be happier to work with DataArt.

Alex Kremer, Co-founder and COO

I've partnered with DataArt of several projects now and have been extremely impressed with the high level of skill, work ethic, and professionalism. The teams have been resourceful and focused on getting the job done right as opposed to meet minimum requirements. They are able and willing to offer suggestions and ask the right questions and that's something I value greatly in software development.

Angus Shee, Founder and CEO
Brilliant Travel Media

The developers and managers at DataArt have done an excellent job of enhancing the functionality of Cruiselabs’ platform, maintaining legacy systems, operating over 70 web sites and enabling our flagship web sites for mobile devices. They have freed us to focus on growing the business rather than worrying about our technology. DataArt started with very little expertise in cruise technology, but, now are experts in the domain and regularly add value to Cruiselabs' customer experience as a result.

David Tossel, CEO

Pharos is an independent organisation with a neutral position enabling us to collaborate with all travel suppliers and their agents alike without conflict of interest.

DataArt impressed us with their knowledge of the capital markets and a solid track record in the industry. The team worked with us from the start, and together we were able to deliver the platform much faster and at a much lower total cost than would be otherwise possible.

Chris Gregory, CEO and co-founder

DataArt was an essential partner throughout the iterative design and implementation phases for Conditionality, making it possible for our team to connect an ambitious vision with the right technologies to make it practical for busy investors.


It has been a pleasure to work with DataArt. We have been impressed with their approach, responsiveness and turn-around times. Our user team was involved in the development over a series of two week sprints followed by UAT and this led to real ownership, high levels of involvement and commitment to the project. DataArt’s offer of a post development Usability Study was unexpected but very welcome. In conclusion, working with DataArt has been a very positive experience for our organisation.

Mike Partridge, Director of Customer Service

Working with DataArt was no different than working with our in-house developers. DataArt developers were part of our team, and impressed us with strong project management, agile development skills, flexibility to the changing needs of the project, and their commitment to the project goals and timing.

Aaron Wadell, Founder
Motyx, Inc.

Working with DataArt is an extremely positive experience. We have built up a strong partnership across server-side and mobile development and the team inspire absolute confidence in their ability to deliver a quality end product. DataArt are quick to respond to any requests, which is a necessity in our industry and we look forward to continuing to build on this relationship in the future.

Jason Gibson, Head of Digital Delivery
iris Worldwide

I have now worked with DataArt on two projects with two companies -- they are amongst the best developers I have worked with in 20+ years of travel software development. DataArt's project management processes are strong, their database architects are outstanding, their QC is through and they produce solid code that they stand behind. With DataArt I have experienced projects being completed both on-time and on-budget.

David Tosell, General Manager

DataArt took our vision for local mobile connections to the next level, seamlessly elevating the functionality from just determining a location to connecting like-minded individuals securely and easily.

Dmitry Stroganov, Founder of Findoo

DataArt’s technical team delivered a great product. The entire team was great to work with, with quality, professional individuals ready to embrace our philosophies as a company and a product, putting our members first when solving every problem.

Eric Lanier, Co-Founder & CEO
FlyinAway Travel Technologies, LLC

In stepping up to help the Next of Kin Registry connect their systems with HealthVault, DataArt not only did something positive for the world, but they demonstrated remarkable technical skill and commitment. DataArt quickly learned all the nuances of HealthVault, and were able to deliver a high-quality solution in a very reasonable timeframe. I would be happy to recommend their work to others looking to connect with HealthVault and hope they’ll continue to bring their talents to benefit the healthcare industry.

Sean Nolan, Distinguished Engineer
Mincrosoft Healthvault

We are extremely pleased in DataArt’s work to create a unified entry method of national emergency contact information with our database and Microsoft HealthVault. Helping people better prepare and connect in the event of an emergency is our mission at Next of Kin Registry, and with the three of us working together, we’re helping not only individuals, but also emergency responders to instill more confidence and safety.

Mark Cerney, President and Founder

Our business evolves at an extraordinary rate which means as an IT team we have to respond quickly to meet the changing needs of the organization. We need a technology partner who brings the requisite industry experience and technology expertise to help us achieve this. DataArt’s extensive domain knowledge, tested team and proven ability to deliver in tight timelines made them the ideal partner for Coller.

Howard Lask, CTO
Coller Capital

From my (pleasant) experience with DataArt the one thing you are definitely not is the typical outsourcing partner. When most people think of outsourcing they think "toss over a requirements and maybe a functional spec document and get back working software". From day one and true to this day, you guys have been more of a consulting shop rather than a "code shop", that's why we've been able to sustain a long and healthy relationship and actually get good work done without any re-do on our end and without any misunderstandings. We've worked hand in hand on a daily basis to ensure that what is being developed meets our expectations. I feel as if your staff was right outside my door the entire length of these projects.

Sergio Passalacqua,

Over the past 18 months, our experience of using DataArt to help flex our in-house development resources has been extremely positive. We have found the quality and commitment of their developers to be high and DataArt's account management has been extremely professional and responsive. I would unreservedly recommend them as an outsourcing organization.

Paul Clarke, Director of Technology,

We were referred to DataArt by fellow TechStars Boulder colleagues. DataArt brought us strong Ruby on Rails candidates to choose from and supplemented the process with excellent project management. Team Members from DataArt were up and running contributing to our project within a week.

Kelly Taylor
Co-Founder, VP of Engineering

DataArt's domain expertise in building custom software solutions across capital markets, travel and hospitality, healthcare and other industries complements our products which are geared towards processing large volumes of high velocity data at very low latencies.

Jon Webster
Vice President of Business Development

DataArt has a gift for quickly understanding project requirements, turning around estimates, and delivering new projects on time. Since we started working with DataArt, they haven’t missed a budget or deadline, even when it’s a tight turnaround.

Michael Ruvo

New York City Transit has benefited greatly from DataArt's impressive system engineering and application design capabilities. Most notably, DataArt's development and implementation of the Lessons Learned database and analysis tool set has brought immeasurable benefits to operations at the MTA..

William Rodwick
Chief of Quality & Safety,

In Newslive, DataArt has helped us create the most complete and sophisticated media monitoring system on the market. We've had fantastic feedback from both new and existing clients.

Chris Hanage
Sales Director, Ebiquity Newslive

Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication you all put in to completing the V5.2 testing for Orbian. I have been impressed by your perseverance, attention to detail and the general good progress made. It has been a long project but we completed the testing to the original plan, something both I and Orbian are very happy about. It will be good to finally put V5.2 live, a project which has been running for over a year.

Dave Allison
CTO, Orbian

DataArt’s team responded in short order to improve our site’s responsiveness, especially in key areas, such as our Live Scores page. The team in Eastern Europe effectively gave us a 24 hour development cycle leading up to this year’s US Open.

Dominic Schmitt
General Manager,

DataArt was chosen for its unique offering among offshore software vendors: deep expertise in the Alternative Asset Management space, which was critical in HedgeSpeed's selection process.

John DiRocco
CEO, HedgeSpeed

DataArt's understanding of our business goals coupled with expert software implementation makes them an invaluable technology partner for Betfair

Matt Young
Distributed Development Director, Betfair

DataArt provides Orbian with the opportunity to team with a highly talented firm that shares the same views on technology as an enabler, with skills and experience in financial services markets, and an underlying belief in the value of partnership.

Dean Miller
Deputy Chairman, Orbian

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with DataArt. DataArt has been a great benefit to PKWARE

Joe Sturonas,
Chief Technology Officer, PKWARE, Inc.

When Network Physics was presented with a challenge to deliver a custom solution for a major European telecom company in an extremely aggressive time-frame, we selected DataArt as the organization to help us design, develop and test the solution. Throughout the project they functioned as a true extension to the company and delivered on-time and on budget. It simply could not have been done without them.

Michael Lazar
VP Customer Advocacy
Network Physics

We are extremely pleased with the development service provided by DataArt for our multiple consumer-facing websites. Our project was delivered on time with a great combination of creativity, engineering professionalism, cutting-edge technological choices, and, above all, open and instantaneous communication. We are looking forward to doing more work with DataArt.

Patrice Peyret
CEO of Plastyc

DataArt's understanding of the Hedge Fund specific products, plays an important role in our joint efforts of bringing robust, cost-effective technology solutions to the sophisticated Hedge Fund market space. We are looking forward to years of productive partnership with DataArt on our software development engagements...

Alexander Kouperman,
a principal at InfoHedge Technologies

Stockholm School of Economics would like to thank DataArt for its cooperation in the development and customization of the CMS solution for SSE Russia. DataArt masterfully executed the implementation process. Each stage of the project was completed on time. We especially want to thank account managers for their attention to the client needs.

Margarita Adaeva-Datskaia
VP, Communication
The Stockholm School of Economics Russia

DataArt is best of class – their development team created functionality for our new web site that allows the Executive Council to interact with our members much more effectively than in the past. This is crucial for our business development efforts and showing value with each and every member. DataArt provided a cost-effective solution in a timely manner and we’re proud of our relationship with the company.

Bob Johnston
Executive Council of New York

It is my pleasure to advise you on behalf of the membership of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and this year's judges that your company has been selected in the Rising Stars Category for The Global Outsourcing 100.

Michael F. Corbett
Executive Director
International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

AirTroductions was built by the award winning development team at DataArt, who came in under budget and under deadline. Utilizing them made the tech aspect of the site very easy and painless.

AirTroductions Founder
Peter Shankman

Lakeside technologies required a reliable partner who could help us to establish the local ODC in St-Petersburg, Russia. We chose DataArt - a company with a good track record known for its effective solutions and as it turned out we did the right thing. They provided a complete set of services including legal and accounting services, facilities organization, recruiting, system administration and everything needed for an efficient ODC. As a result we got a great development center for a fair price.

Boris Kerbikov
CEO, Lakeside Technologies

We'd like to thank DataArt's creative team for the outstanding visual solutions developed for Ernst & Young. Now our presentations are a real hit. Thank you.

Victor Naumov,
Ph.D. in Law, Head of Intellectual Property
Ernst & Young Law (CIS)

Classical Numismatic Group, Inc., has been buying and selling ancient and medieval coins for more than twenty years. Late in 2001 we were introduced to DataArt, and we are grateful for it.
We told DataArt what we wanted. They listened, and gave us what we wanted. They know their business very well. The value received has been phenomenal. When you combine relatively low rates with high quality services, you've got a combination that can't be beat.

Cathy England
Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.

Strategic Technologies' solutions require expertise of top engineers and programmers, and we found a great talent pool at DataArt to complement our own. We liked the fact that DataArt's R&D team in St. Petersburg, Russia now has a local management team near St. Petersburg, Florida.

Scott McIntyre
Engagement manager within Strategic Technologies' Information Management practice area

Disaster Psychiatry Outreach is grateful for DataArt's IT expertise when we most needed it. DataArt rebuilt DPO's web-based registration & news feed system, and redesigned the site extremely fast, which made an enormous difference in our Sri Lanka Tsunami relief effort. I was most impressed not only with the technical expertise, but with excellent project management, rapid turnaround time and unwavering attention to nuances. DataArt certainly knows how to take advantage of different time zones, and has certainly delivered - rapidly and at its own expense!
Incredible work! Thank you.

Dr. Sander Koyfman, CIO
Disaster Psychiatry Outreach

Our domestic team at Strategic Medical Solutions focuses their resources on working with physicians and other healthcare professionals designing an excellent Electronic Medical Records system confident that the outsourcing team at DataArt will bring the design to life quickly and effectively.

Aaron Wachspress
Strategic Medical Solutions

I have had an opportunity to sit with clients as we demo our new Admin Module, and I am pleased to report it is being received very well. This important project was critical to our cost avoidance and revenue generating strategy, and although our requirements were not sound upon kick-off, the result came in better than anticipated thanks to the collaboration between the DataArt and Millennium Care technology teams

Michael Hilmer
President & CEO
Millennium Care Inc.

We have been extremely satisfied with the system DataArt has developed for us. We are planning to use it to enhance our future product offerings and to advance our business overall. I would love to work with DataArt again on future projects!

Kiyo Nishimura,
General Manager, AthletesVideo Ltd

We would like to thank DataArt team for the excellent job done on the first phase of our project. The partners, as well as our long-time technology advisors, were impressed with the quality and outcome of the effort. Please make sure to pass along our thanks to your team.

Doug Smith, CEO
Web River Media, Inc.

DataArt develops quality product with highly structured team interactions. Their project management techniques ensure delivery of fully-tested code-base on schedule and at budget

Dave Morgan

DataArt has proposed a very smart solution for one of our most critical technology tasks – the common registration and authentication gateway. Thanks to a set of networking and database technologies selected, the system integrated seamlessly with all our existing systems. I would not hesitate to recommend DataArt’s system development capabilities to any organization looking for UNIX/Oracle/C++ skills.

Victor Lavrenko, CTO

We brought on the DataArt team when our internal resources were used up and we needed to quickly scale up our development team without the stress that usually comes with it. DataArt provided us with an entire project-managed team which was able to build and deliver the first iteration of our new Departure Board with an incredible speed and professionalism, from start to finish. We've been so impressed with the quality of the code that we're now looking to continue our relationship with DataArt to develop this segment of our site vs. developing it internally.

John O’Nolan, founder

Ocado has always been at the forefront of technology innovation, and we needed a trusted partner who could share our pioneering vision, meet our high standards and understand our business. DataArt provided us with a motivated and expert team of top engineering talent that has consistently delivered at every project stage.

Mark Richardson, Head of Technology,

DataArt came highly recommended by a colleague of mine, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. The DataArt team is not only extremely competent and motivated, their enthusiasm and energy really makes me feel like they're invested in my success. I've been able to focus my attention on growing my business since I know the technical implementation is in good hands.

Karl Kemp, founder and CEO

In DataArt we found a trusted technology partner to support our operations. DataArt’s proven expertise with building front to middle integrated solutions and, specifically, model calculations was crucial for building a robust risk mitigation system we had envisioned in a timely manner.

Anders Lindell, Executive Vice President

DataArt is a company we can rely on to go the extra mile to help make a project successful. We needed to build the site from scratch in a very short timescale at the same time as building up our internal development team. DataArt worked in close and constructive collaboration with our growing tech team to help us deliver a top notch product exactly on schedule.

Matt Young, CTO

DataArt understands our mission of delivering timely and innovative solutions with robust functionality to help our clients maximize operational efficiencies. When we initiated development of our Research Data module to help XSP clients manage this additional data pertinent to Corporate Actions processing, we selected DataArt to ensure that this project was delivered on time and on budget. We have worked with DataArt on previous engagements and were confident in their ability to help us enhance our offerings while providing excellent service.

Dan Retzer,
Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, XSP

Choosing a technology partner is unnerving, especially in the financial technology field where mistakes can mean millions of dollars. DataArt received our business because they took the time to truly understand what we needed, and provided great support and planning even before we signed the contract. The quality of DataArt’s work meant fewer loop-backs to fix bugs or reengineer features. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

James Friedman, COO
FX Bridge

We’ve enlisted DataArt as a new partner because they demonstrated that they’re able to advance our goals of delivering critical information in a timely and reliable manner. DataArt will be providing production support and augmenting our development capabilities, which will allow us to be more innovative and increasingly responsive to client requests.

Rick Treese, Chief Technology Officer

I have had the pleasure of working closely with the DataArt team from our UK headquarters in London over the last 12 months on the development of our streaming media application -™. The product was developed to budget and well within the timescales set. The work produced was of the highest calibre, and the willingness of the development team to go 'the extra mile' was very much in evidence throughout.

Robert Condon,
Chairman, Black Ink Media

We intensively researched the development community for best of breed resources to help produce our exciting range of technologies. We were determined to work with people who shared our vision and excitement, who could demonstrate a breadth of innovative and first rate technical skills, and who had a track record of delivering high quality software on time. I have experienced many development teams over the years and I have been astounded by DataArt’s capabilities.

David Morgan, CEO,
Wagumo Ltd

The mobile application DataArt developed delivers a reliable, high-quality calling platform, with the ease of dialing locally from any geographic region. Our shipping customers rely on mobile communication to stay connected - whether they’re on land or at sea. The degree of accessibility that this application provides easily enables that.

Sebastian Moore,
Setel owner,

Working with DataArt helps us ensure that we can deliver innovative new functionality as well as maintenance upgrades in a timely manner. We use DataArt’s services to help our talented team of in-house software engineers, particularly when we need extra specialists to meet aggressive deadlines for new releases or additions to our v-GO suite.

Marc Manza,
Chief Technology Officer, Passlogix

We required a software partner who had the skills and expertise in delivering technically challenging software projects in extremely short timeframes and without compromising final product quality. DataArt's highly skilled team delivered on all fronts.

Matt Thornhill,
Chief Operating Officer, Navmii

To effectively prevent unauthorized information access and fraud, organizations must move beyond authentication methods that only rely upon password. DataArt's knowledge of PalmSecure LOGONDIRECTOR and ability to integrate the software into a robust, multi-layered Single Sign On platform, enables Fujitsu to deliver a strong authentication solution for securing access to business-critical applications and sensitive data.

Jim Preasmyer,
director of New Products Group, sales and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

In DataArt we found a firm that shows tech smarts and a good approach to creative problem solving, as well as some experience with world class companies as customers. DataArt showed a very good analysis of the project, and had a reasonable plan to deliver. DataArt has consistently offered good technologists with good analytical skills who are motivated and raise the right questions at the right time.

Jeremy Sterns,
Send Word Now – Emergency Notification Solutions

Radar Networks has been working with DataArt for nearly 3 years for rapid-prototyping and ongoing development of new Internet software utilities for client-server networking and document management. DataArt has been excellent to work with: They deliver innovative solutions to new technical challenges, they are extremely fast and cost-effective, and they get projects done to spec, and on-time. We have found their project management and technical expertise to be best-of-breed. DataArt is our secret weapon; don't tell anyone!

Nova Spivack, CEO
Radar Networks, Inc.

I want to thank DataArt for their knowledge and expertise in the field of CRM integration. The implementation specialists at DataArt were fast and professional. The new CRM integration tool has eliminated slower data exchanges, reduced data-entry errors and greatly improved our operational efficiency.

Edward Roemke,
CEO, Inc.

My warmest thanks to all the team members! It was my great honor to be working with you all. I wish that we can keep up our good work and take upcoming development as opportunity for both great companies, DataArt and HTC, to work together and advance together HTC

Asihan Khang,

Octopus utilizes DataArt as a development arm for building websites or web applications. We have worked together for the past seven years and have found that we can depend on DataArt to be fast, efficient, and to consistently deliver results within the agreed time and budget.

Benjamin Irvine,
Partner, CTO
Octopus Networking

DataArt's Java development team has been extremely productive helping our company, Spirent Communications Corporation, co-develop GUIs for our different OSS product lines. Their technical expertise in J2EE and Java Swing is exemplarity. Equally impressive is their ability to learn our application domain quickly and deliver their assignments both on time and with utmost quality. At Spirent, we know we're fortunate having DataArt as part of our development team.

Lawrence Shapiro
Project Engineer
Spirent Communications Corporation

I just thought this would be a good time to say how much of a credit Daniel and Alexei have been to DataArt over the past few weeks and the life of the project as a whole...

Justin Stewart,
City Index Spread Betting

We are glad to collaborate with DataArt, especially in Microsoft.NET usage for mission critical applications and developing knowledge sharing

Oleg Karacharov,
System Architect Specialist
of Microsoft Strategic Technologies

DataArt provided Zinglet significant time-to-market and cost efficiencies, in addition to specialized expertise in messaging platforms, to allow us to get to the prototype and working demo stage that is creating high level customer acquisition opportunities that most start-ups achieve in the out-months, if not out-years, of their existence

Mark Barounos,
Zinglet founder and CEO

There were a variety of factors that led us to choose DataArt over other potential developers. First was the company's impressive client base. Second was the team of highly qualified software developers. And finally, it was the project management that would allow us to actually benefit from the cost savings that outsourcing provides, rather than suffer from an inflated TCO down the road.

Marc Kirschner,
The Short List Publisher and Founder,

We were very convinced by DataArt’s abilities. We met with their developers, their leadership and people here in New York, their references, and tried them out on some initial tasks. Everything we saw was only good, especially the quality of their technicians. We were convinced that DataArt could provide the kind of quality that we already have on our team. And it’s difficult to find enough resources with the necessary skills at reasonable costs in the United States, even though we have a job search running all the time.

Jacob Pabst, CEO,

I’ve worked with DataArt on a number of travel related projects. The thing I have found to be most valuable is their ability to turn projects out so quickly. DataArt has the unique ability to translate my needs. Top notch developers who clearly understand my business and allow me to go on with my typical daily activities.

Rich Whitaker, Founder
Brilliant Travel Media

As a startup, OKTOGO had lots of choices to make along the way - business, technology and process. DataArt has been a terrific partner that has contributed a great deal with its knowledge and deep understanding of the subject matter. DataArt's cutting edge knowledge of online travel industry has been critical in getting our online travel business up and running in record terms.

Marina Kolesnik, CEO